Turn Me On….

  Turn me on Turn me on Make me scream Make me shout Turn me on…… ++NODe++TEARS +Spellbound+ Astarte // Group Gift / June Bishes Inc Kinky Shoes  @ Fetish Fair TABOU.Hana Septum- black Violent Seduction – Lucine Dress – Black @ Kustoms 9 Ahegao – Chain Ball Gag   Big Thank you to Big… Continue reading Turn Me On….

Little Dork Peep…

Once a upon a time there lived a fair slut that owned a black cow she lived in the lands of the north, her black cow was called Rissole. Rissole was great companion would sleep with Dork every night under the stars, they would play in the sun together for hours everyday every moment they… Continue reading Little Dork Peep…

May I Be of Service?

G’day & Happy Halloween as halloween was yesterday for me I got to celebrate it by drinking and party with my friends oh such fun it was pity I didn’t win poker but remain to keep my clothes on at least! As I suffer with my major Hangover and try hydrate while the rest of… Continue reading May I Be of Service?

Lost in the Madness….

Lost in the madness… Into the depths I go… the voices in my head telling me where to go… things I think I see is it real…? Cause I listen to voices in my head everyone suffers… no one can love me, cause everyone I touch crumbles this is my curse I am eternally lost… Continue reading Lost in the Madness….

I Like the way you work it……

She’s got class and style Seen knowledge by the mile, Baby never act wild Very low key on the profile Catching villains is a no, Let me tell you how it goes Curves the words, spins the verbs Lovers it curves so freak what you heard What Ðȭяʞ ƒrᴇᴇÐȭᴍ Sтȭrмѕȭng (ellena.andel) Is Wearing *LuLu* MelleFifi_Corset1_Stripes @… Continue reading I Like the way you work it……

Rise & Fall

One breath in this moment We’ll stay ’til we’re chosen, and through it all With our eyes wide open We’ll fight ’til we’re broken We rise and fall With our eyes wide open With our eyes wide open We rise and fall On Crow: Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Lauren” Blacks and Whites Eyes: IKON… Continue reading Rise & Fall


I like it better when you … Let’s get intimate.. Kiss me on my body where can’t handle it. Tell me get into it… your hands teasing and wondering… Don’t stop Touching it.. i want to scream as I get into it! I wanna get my legs around you and pull you in… I like… Continue reading D.I.R.T.Y

Fight For you…..

Meeting you here, the night’s alight with midnight cheer Our dust still unsettled, I feel the plucking of our petals I’m drawing circles don’t you know, protect the seed that wants to grow To a garden, pardon my territory I’d fight for you I never knew that I could feel this way I’m right for you… Continue reading Fight For you…..

==Battle Scars==

Before I start Big Thank you to Lotte’s Grandmother Kaalila Ironbeard lovely fashionista of gor that rocks every outfit she wears truly my mentor, we have collaborated this post to see what she is wearing go to p0lishedpixels for her style card These battle scars don’t look like they’re fading Don’t look like they’re ever going away They ain’t never… Continue reading ==Battle Scars==

===Beautiful lies===

Your lies about me are not true… do what you do see what you see it is all what you believe… is it true ? is it real? no one will know but me as I know for me what is real and what is fake….. Friends that say that they friends that just after… Continue reading ===Beautiful lies===