Sexy In Pink Event….

  So thought I would share FMD’s last event Sexy in Pink! here are few pictures I took of the night! thanks to our sponsors  Cuca Designs and Misschevious for giving out prizes to best dressed! (Twelve prizes in total) people walked away with Gift cards and eargasims from the seven Djs that played on… Continue reading Sexy In Pink Event….

Any where any time…

Come over here… for I need you and want you now, your touch your smell , you are my drug and my addiction, more time we share just adds to my addiction, I hate to wait but Baby I will wait for you.. Just one taste of this ecstasy baby so I can be satisfied… Continue reading Any where any time…

Pillow Fight

I am not going Adult today… Sometimes you just got to have fun ! Program: Friday 01/04/2019 💎12-2pm – DJ Vze & Host Kiki 💎2-4pm – DJ Caine & Host Nikole 💎4-6pm DJ DoctorMean & Host BeeJay 💎6-8pm DJ Wain & Host Zaidee 💎8-10pm DJ Mashy & Host Madisen Program: Saturday 01/05/2019 💎10am -12pm DJ Sonny &… Continue reading Pillow Fight

Happy New Year

Watching the Television as I hear the fireworks begin,  informing me that new year has begun I begin to think what is installed for me this year!  Recapping on what has happen this year… 2018 Scandal, loss of a 3 year relationship, new close friends found a job in second life became host then sponsor… Continue reading Happy New Year

Wrapped In Plastic

I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it’s fantastic You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Program: Friday 11/16/2018 💎 12pm – 2pm : Dj Aco & Host Kiki 💎 2pm – 4pm : Dj Sam & Host Nik 💎 4pm – 6pm… Continue reading Wrapped In Plastic

Where it Matters It’s All Black & White

What my life has thrown at me over the years as I grow older and more wiser the world varies in just shades of gray. Everything that I thought I knew turned out to be not true at all.. some things however are Just black and white. Like the Love of your Family and Friends… Continue reading Where it Matters It’s All Black & White

I Put A Spell On You🧙

I put a spell on you ‘Cause you’re mine You better stop the things you do I ain’t lyin’ No I ain’t lyin’ You know I can’t stand it You’re runnin’ around You know better daddy I can’t stand it cause you put me down Yeah, Yeah I put a spell on you Because you’re… Continue reading I Put A Spell On You🧙