“Freeze You Out”

You know I’ve been hurt before Yeah you know the score And I know you want more. You want me to thaw out Yeah you know I get ice cold I get cold when you don’t go slow But I know you want more You need me to thaw out And I know you were… Continue reading “Freeze You Out”

“Only Love Can Hurt Like This”

Say I wouldn’t care if you walked away, But every time you’re there I’m begging you to stay, When you come close I just tremble And every time, every time you go, It’s like a knife that cuts right through my soul Only love, only love can hurt like this Only love can hurt like… Continue reading “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”

Will It Silence Voices Inside My Head ?

“Tell me—after my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.” – Peter Kurten, German serial killer who murdered nine confirmed victims, and may have… Continue reading Will It Silence Voices Inside My Head ?

Purity of A New Year…

  As we say goodbye to this new year and start fresh onto the next we leave behind the Bad and the Good of this year….Reflecting back on the year  that has past can be good or bad take moment and enjoy the finer things of the year the things made you smile….    … Continue reading Purity of A New Year…

You & Me….

Gonna be you and me Gonna be everything you, you’ve ever dreamed Gonna be Sofia and me Gonna be everything Gonna be everything you need What Dork Freedom is Wearing… *:..Silvery K..:*Japanese umbrella(BB) .ARISE. Lilia Septum / Rusty ( retextured ) [CX] Tassel Kiseru Red [CX] Twisted Puncture (Black Dip) [Haste] Ashie V2 Black @ We ❤… Continue reading You & Me….

What I’ve Done…

I’ll face myself To cross out what I’ve become Erase myself And let go of what I’ve done Put to rest What you thought of me While I clean this slate With the hands of uncertainty So let mercy come And wash away What I’ve done.. I’ll face myself To cross out what I’ve become Erase… Continue reading What I’ve Done…

== Hanging Tree ==

Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where they strung up a man They say murdered three. Strange things have happened here No stranger would it be If we met at midnight In the hanging tree. Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where the dead man called out For his love to… Continue reading == Hanging Tree ==

Dark City……

Days roll by, waking up to a sunset The empty sign makes it harder to forget That there’s no light in this dark city No rain to run for cover No one to blame for what we’re guilty of Maybe all that we need is a heartbreak to love again Maybe all that we need… Continue reading Dark City……

Waste of Time….

Snow falls, somehow It doesn’t melt boy when it hits you, why? All this life I’ve been drowned by confusion What’d you wanna, slowly losing my one love See, I told you you were gonna Break my heart on the winter night Is that what you wanna? Say the word and I’ll be gone I… Continue reading Waste of Time….

I Never Learn……..

Where the blue moons shines Where the tears melt ice In a sea of guilt By the fallen stars Lonely chimes, sing of pain There’s a storm, only love remains I been stung by a star seed honey He shone love like a lightning honey I been hit by a star seed honey His love… Continue reading I Never Learn……..